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The Vitamin C Experiment: Month 1

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Vit C

So I am one month into this experiment and have had some interesting data to share:

Dosage: Still 4,000 mg per day, spread evenly throughout

Possible Infections: In this first month, my wife has had 2 colds that included a sore throat and stuffy nose.  She has also had a pretty nasty stomach virus that had her vomiting over 10 times (I lost count after that) in a 24 hr period.

My daughter has had two fevers in this same time period, none of which presented any more symptoms that that.  But the fever did last for about 3 days each instance.

Anecdotal Evidence:  When Stacy first had her sore throat, I did get a touch of it for a day but it never materialized into a full blown version.  It was very mild and was gone the next day.  More recently, I did contract a version of the stomach virus but it was much less severe.  I had no vomiting at all and was sidelined for about 10 hrs as opposed to a full day.

Is the Vitamin C working?  I would like to think so based on the fact that each time I contracted a pathogen, it affected me much more mildly than it did Stacy.  Now, that could be because Stacy weakened it before passing it along.  Who knows?  But I am going to keep this going throughout the winter and see how I fare.  With enough sample size, I should be able to come to a good conclusion.

Do It For The Kids

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized


Often in life, you hear people blame their shortfalls on their genetics.  The good news is you can actually change the way your genes are passed on and expressed in your children.  New research is proving that we can influence the traits our future lineage inherits from us and sometimes in as little as one or two generations.  Our genetics are not completely predetermined.

The choices you make today effect not only yourself but will most likely effect your children as well.  Time to stop blaming your parents and make the changes you want to see passed along. You hold the power.–change-them.html