The IFX: Finale and Wrap Up

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Uncategorized


I finished my 8 week fasting experiment and want to report my finding and results here.  In my opinion, it was ver successful for me and helped me achieve the goals I set for myself.

Weight:  182.  My body has seemed to normalize right around 182 now which would be a 5.7 lb. weight loss in 8 weeks.

Body Fat: 15.5% i think.  I haven’t gotten it checked in some time due to scheduling and trying to find time before I train but the mirror test still shows a leaner physique from when I started.

Training:  Throughout the entire fasting experiment, I never did any sort of Crossfit and always focused on weightlifting.  In those 8 weeks, my numbers got close to if not beat my old PRs from pre-injury back in September.  Here is an example:

Snatch – 8 kg post injury PR, only 5 kg off my lifetime best

Clean and Jerk – 8kg post injury PR, 2 kg off my lifetime best

Clean – lifetime PR

Front squat – equalled lifetime PR

To me, this is pretty incredible considering all of my training sessions were done fasted and most days I didn’t have any food until approximately 5.5 hrs after lifting.  Certainly not the results you would expect if you listen to the majority of the wisdom out there but sometimes you don’t know until you try it.

Diet: I stayed strict to my protocol the entire time and did not cheat once.  All of my meals were between 12-8 each day.  I ate “clean” throughout the week and had one cheat meal on Friday nights.  I think this helped because my body knew what to expect and got itself into a rhythm.  Even on days I felt hungry, I could still lift effectively and once the training started the hunger went away.

How I Feel:  Currently I am back to eating the same 4 meals a day but spread out throughout the day.  I eat roughly at 7, 11:30, 3, and 7:45.  So I get the same amount of calories as I did while fasting but just not in an 8 hr window.  I will be interested to see how this effects my lifts from here on out and if I feel any differently.  The one think I think may make a big difference is having a recovery meal right after my training session vs. not eating for 5.5 hrs like I did when fasting.  Time shall tell.

Wrap Up:  Overall, I feel that intermittent fasting in an effective way to lose excess weight/body fat while keeping and possibly gaining strength.  I personally have a hard time holding on to my gains when I cut calories so I was very surprised when my numbers continued to go up as the weight went down.

I would be very interested to see how this would have gone if I was an actual CrossFitter and did metabolic conditioning type workouts.  I would venture my weight and body fat loss would have been even greater.  I believe Scott Glem is doing this right now so we can see what kind of results he gets.  I am writing that 25% because you all can have a reference point through him and 75% because now that everyone knows, he will be less likely to cheat or bail on his diet.  He loves peer pressure.

I hope this log was helpful.  If you find yourself in a place where you want to make some physical changes and are wondering what type of diet you should try, I highly recommend giving this one a shot.  As always, if you have any questions you can find me at the box or drop me a note online.

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