Sean Ireland



Hello. My name is Sean Ireland and I have been at CrossFit 717 since March of 2011 when I was rehabbing from surgery on my right shoulder and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere.  2 years later and I still feel that 717 is the premier fitness facility in the region. That’s why I am still here.

I played all types of sports throughout my youth and settled on lacrosse as my main focus.  After playing 4 years at The Ohio State University and some club ball after that, I moved to Central PA for a job and a girl.  I currently still have both so that’s good.  I also help coach the Varsity Boy’s Lacrosse team at Cumberland Valley High School.

Even though I am a member at CrossFit 717, there is a very minute chance you will actually see my doing a CrossFit workout. Currently, my focus has been primarily on Weightlifting because lifting heavy things is fun and being out of breath isn’t.  The rest of you haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe I will get back into it someday but for now my goal is getting stronger.  In my spare time (what little I have) I enjoy:

  • Reading and watching science fiction related material
  • Learning about hominids
  • Spending time with my family
  • Howard Stern
  • Eating cheat meals on the weekends
  • Making fun of stupid people on Facebook
  • Listening to music
  • Watching all types of sports, mainly the Ravens and TOSU

Despite my sometimes stand-offish demeanor, i really do like meeting new people so please come up and say “hi” to me when you see me around.  I promise to at least act like I am listening to what you have to say.

See you at the box!


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