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Most, if not all of you, have never heard of Dan John.  A quick athletic bio:

In his athletic career, among many other championships and records,  Dan has won the Master Pleasanton Highland Games twice, American Masters Discus Championships several times, the National Masters Weightlifitng Championship once and holds the American Record in the Weight Pentathlon.

Personal Bests in Competition

  • Snatch 314
  • Dead lift 628
  • Clean and Jerk 385
  • Clean 402
  • Discus 190′ 6″

Multiple State Champion (California and Utah) Discus, Hammer, Shot, Highland Games and Olympic Lifting

Coached Multiple State Discus Champions (Utah) without a discus ring or throwing field

Coach at John Powell Discus Camp since 1994

Oh, and he is widely considered the man who introduced Tabata to CrossFit so for those of you who absolutely love Tabata, be sure to drop him an email to say “Thanks”.

In this article he wrote for T-Nation, Dan reflects on the last 40 years and the things he has learned with regards to training.  Even though it is not CrossFit specific, all of his advice can apply to us in and out of the box.  Do yourself a favor and give it a read.  If nothing else, you get some free advice from a top tier athlete.  Who knows, you might even learn something.  Imagine that!

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