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The last 2 WODs required skills that all of us could use practice on.  For Tuesday’s WOD, Coach Dan had us practicing butterfly pull ups.  If you watch any of the CrossFit games, 95% of the competitors do their pull ups butterfly style and for good reason.  When done properly, butterfly pull ups are quicker and more efficient than regular kipping pull ups.  The movement doesn’t look to complicated but you have to have the perfect timing in order to string them together.

To help, I think there is no better person than CrossFit Games veteran and all around bad-ass, Chris Spealler.  Chris makes body weight exercises look effortless and has strung 96 butterfly pull ups together.  Here he is explaining the butterfly pull up:

Today’s WOD focused on the most deceptive skill: the double under.  As many of us saw today, consistency with double unders can either make or break your WOD time.  Plow through them and you are on your way to a great time.  Getting 3 at a clip?  Well, you are on your way to a world of frustration.  So, lets learn how to perfect this skill.

In this video, Chris talks about the technical aspects of doing double unders.  Things like hand position, rhythm and rope length all play a vital role in performing consistent revolutions: