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Color me jealous of this mobility...

With CrossFit, squats are a regular part of our training.  Whether it be thrusters, power snatches or burpees, squats all come into play.  Unfortunately, great squat mobility doesn’t come easy for a lot of us, myself included.  But that doesn’t mean that we are all stuck with having poor form and depth.  With a little bit of consistent mobility work, we can all move closer to that perfect squat form.

Here is a comprehensive article by Tony Gentilcore that contains specific drills that athletes can do to work on hip, ankle and knee flexibility.  Tony is co-owner of Cressey Performance where his main focus is training athletes for all levels of competition, from high school all the way up to the big leagues.  Some of their athletes include Jake Sprague (member of the USA Rugby team) and 3x Wold Series Champion Curt Schilling of the Boston Red Sox. I’ll warn you, this is longer article but if you make it to the end you will have a much better understanding of how to fix your squat.

Squat Like You Mean It: Tips for a Deeper Squat

by Tony Gentilcore, CSCS – 1/19/2011

Bench Press

Ask anyone who knows me well enough what some of my biggest pet peeves are, and you’ll undoubtedly hear things like:

  • People who talk or text during a movie.
  • People who honk their horn within 1/16th of a second of the traffic light turning green.
  • People who knowingly go through the express line at the grocery store even though they clearly have more than seven items in the their cart.
  • Keanu Reeves.

Throw me into a commercial gym setting, however, and you’re bound to see that list grow exponentially. Admittedly, I live in a strength and conditioning bubble where I and the rest of the Cressey Performance staff are able to control everything that’s either pressed, thrown, hoisted, or lifted under our watch.  (more…)