What are the Workouts (WODs) Like?


What the heck is a WOD?

We call our workouts WODs (Workout of the Day). It’s one of many words that have become part of the CrossFit lexicon.The WODs are named for a number of reasons; one for simplicity and consistency. That way you know what the workout consists of just by the name. Ask any CrossFitter what Fran is. You may get an interesting response, but you’ll get the gist.

We also perform WODs named after people we consider heroes – such as our military members, police, firefighters, and public servants who put themselves in harm’s way for us everyday, or who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We figure the discomfort and pain that come from pushing ourselves during a WOD is the least we can do to honor their sacrifices and memories. Plus, the benefits that result from pushing the intensity during a WOD with our heroes in mind are pretty remarkable.

SO – to the WODs. What are they like?

CrossFit workouts are constantly varied. You can expect workouts to include anything from calisthenic bodyweight exercises like squats, sit-ups and burpees, to using a variety of equipment like medicine balls, kettlebells and plyometric boxs, to gymnastic-based movements such as ring dips and pull-ups, to weightlifting with barbells and dumbbells. You will experience very challenging, FUN workouts in an uplifting and motivating environment. You will push yourself harder and learn more than you have anywhere else. And perhaps most of all, you will experience community, where we ALL work together and motivate each other to achieve our own personal fitness goals, whatever they may be.

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